Professional Organizer Hoarding Help

Organizers Help Hoarders Find Hope

  What is Hoarding? Have you known someone whom you might have categorized as a hoarder?  Well, before you can identify a hoarder, you first have to truly understand what makes a hoarder. Hoarding is classified as a psychological disorder distinguished by a person who has trouble throwing … [Read more...]

Help Your Kids Get Organized by Learning to Give – Part 2


  This is a continuation of "Help Your Kids Get Organized by Learning to Give"   Here are some ways to make gift giving fun for kids:     1.   Take some toys to a shelter Many shelters for homeless or abused women are open to accepting used toys.  This can also … [Read more...]

Help Your Kids Get Organized by Learning to Give – Part 1

Professional organizers help kids get organized

  They Will Thank You for it Later With prime gift-giving times being right around the corner, some common questions come to the minds of millions of parents across the world.  When my kids open these presents, where will they possibly be able to put them?  What happened to all of the toys we bought … [Read more...]

Save Up To 90% On Organizing Products!


  Organizing Products At Extreme Discounts!    Here is your Chance to Save Big On Organizing Products... A Professional Organizer is always on the lookout for ways to save on organizing products.  I have recently come across the clearance section at ShopGetOrganized and found it to be the perfect … [Read more...]

ATTENTION!! Clutter Is A Fire Hazard…

Clutter is a Fire Hazard

  Eliminate Clutter To Prevent a Fire As a Professional Organizer, I frequently work with families one-on-one to develop the organizing systems and methods that enable them to clear the clutter in their homes.  During this planning, I usually ask whether the family has any emergency plans or measures … [Read more...]

Is Computer Clutter Driving You Mad?

Common Computer Clutter

  I am sure most of us can relate to this image of a cluttered computer desktop.  It is all too common in this digital era.  It is simply too easy to download a file or picture straight to your desktop, look at it once, and there it remains for months on end.  This is a vicious cycle and a … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You Should Use A Daily Planner


  Utilizing a daily planner is a must if you want to stay organized.  Very few people have the ability to store and remember all day-to-day events, appointments and tasks.  Consequently, we forget the important "to-dos", and that is where the daily planner comes in.  To act as our reminder.  … [Read more...]

Container Store 15% Discount!

Organized Teachers

  The Container Store is a definite favorite of any Professional Organizer!  They have such a variety of unique and creative items to help get organized and stay organized. They are currently offering a discount of 15% Savings for teachers!  This is great considering teachers are constantly looking … [Read more...]