The ClutterSORT Method and 4 step process!


↦ Sort, Purge, Create SPACE, Donate Items or Sell your items that are no longer NEEDED and LOVED!
↦ Then Clean and Tidy UP your Space.
↦ ClutterSort believes all items in your SPACE should be NEEDED, LOVED, and REFLECT your LIFESTYLE.

O is for Organizing

A ClutterSort Professional Organizer will Group all items and organize them in the correct places they are Utilized in. The ClutterSort Organizing Process is where we find the correct HOMES for items and talk about how Active the Items are. We want you to have all your daily items organized and easily accessible, not mixed in with Items that are not as Active to are Annual Items.

↦ A ClutterSort Professional Organizer Believes in having a Space where everything is Utilized in the correct Place!

R is for Re Design

The Re Design phase is where we look at the furniture placement, your space’s current colors, your built in storage space, how we can maximize a small space ( if needed ), and explain what is needed to Store your items functionally, visually, and on a as needed basis.

ClutterSort Offers up to 25 percent off all storage and design solutions we purchase for you at The Container Store, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and West Elm!

All Projects come with FREE Custom Labels, Color Coded Legends, and Tags for all Bins, Baskets, and Organizing Systems we recommend. A ClutterSort Professional Organizer Believes that professional organizing should compliment the interior design of your home, office, and LIFESTYLE.

T is for Transformation

In this part of the ClutterSort Method we Transform your space. We will be implementing all storage solutions and products purchased, installing or assembling, putting everything in its final places and HOMES, Labeling, Tagging Baskets, and Creating Legends for your back up bulk items, Implementing any interior design ideas and needs, making sure all our professional organizing compliments Your Space, You, and Your New Clutter Free LIFESTYLE! Call your San Diego Professional Organizer now and live an Organized TOMORROW.

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