June 21, 2016 mike

Best Tool to start your digital organizing for the New Year!

desk-redesignYour computer is full of junk, and it’s not just your computer, it’s all the parts of your digital life. Your web browser or iPad will have bookmarks that you no longer use; maybe even bookmarked websites that no longer exist. You’ve probably got a computer desktop full of files that you no longer need and probably can’t even remember what some of those files were for. This doesn’t even include all the accounts that you may have created online for all those services that you no longer use, but still get email for.

We recommend investing in a FUJITSU Document Scanner ScanSnap iX500. This software is keyword acclimated and can scan 25 pages per minute. You can pull bills and recipes up by simply searching a keyword. This eliminates the time that you use with other scanners to organize your files. You can scan photos, leases, and legal documents. Have everything you need anywhere you need it.

Getting digitally organized is a great start for the New Year and can really save you a lot of time and increase your productivity!

– Christa Bledsoe

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