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ClutterSort provides homeowners with a decluttered space, innovative and creative ways to help you de-clutter, stage, and transform your old space to a new and Sellable One!

There is no question that first impressions are priceless, and that de-cluttering & staging your home properly is one of the most vital things you can do to attract home buyers and get your home SOLD.

Emotions play a big role in buying a home exactly what to do in those critical first 17 seconds, to attract and hold a home buyers attention!

We offer a variety of home staging packages and we’ll help you choose the one that best suits your needs. We begin with our:

Home Staging Consultation and Proposal $150.00

We start by asking you to give us a tour of your home! As we walk, we will be taking a lot of notes, some photographs, and giving you some quick ideas on what you can do right away to make sure that your home looks it’s very best – both inside and out!

We will do a mini-transformation or two, to demonstrate the powerful effects of professional home staging, and then conclude our visit by sharing with you our recommendations moving forward, so you can stage and create a home that buyers will absolutely fall in love with!

What Are My Options?

Immediately following the home staging consultation, we will provide you with a written proposal, recommending one of our three most popular and affordable home staging packages!

Our photographs will present your home in the most appealing and beautiful way possible! We have 3 packages to choose from and Virtual Tours are also available!
↦ Photo Styling & Professional Photography – Our most popular service! We have experienced photographers that can take photos that show the true beaty and value of your home and space
↦ DIY Home Staging – For the home that is already well staged and that just needs professional design expertise & guidance! We will walk-through the entire house and give you a detailed list of exactly what you need to do in each and every room! Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer!
↦ Get it Sold! – Full day of Professional Home Staging – We will spend all day transforming your home into a buyers dream!
↦ Vacant Home Staging! – We specialize in vacant home staging and accessorizing! Call to schedule a Vacant Home Staging Consultation.


How Do You Do It?

We make decorative changes using your existing furnishings and home accessories! Using professional and affordable home decorating, interior re-design and photo-styling techniques, we create beautiful rooms, designed to illicit emotions in the home buyer, that result in increased showings, written offers and higher home sales!

We work with home sellers, for-sale-by-owners, Realtors® Speaking Engagements, Community events and ClutterSort Hands On workshops.

ClutterSort presentations include stimulating, motivational and interactive learning exercises. They are perfect for women’s organizations, corporate functions, first time home buyers seminars, mother’s groups and professional associations. ClutterSort provides presentations catered to your organizations’ needs.

Choose from one of the following topics or contact ClutterSort for a customized program.
↦ The Art of Downsizing
↦ Get Promoted-Tips to Increase Efficiency, Productivity and Value
↦ Organizing to Simplify Your Life
↦ Embrace Your Life-Get Organized Once and For All
↦ Organizing 101-Where to Start
↦ Where is the Pacifier? Organizing Strategies for Families

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