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Have you considered hiring a Professional Organizer?
Most people never have but that is changing fast! The world is constantly becoming more chaotic and fast paced. As the population steadily increases, the spaces we live in decrease, and the amount of “stuff” we acquire increases. This is becoming a huge problem that didn’t exist in the past.

It is no secret that getting and staying organized can improve the life of you and your family in more ways than one. Some of the most successful and wealthy people in the world are also the most organized in their homes and businesses. This is no coincidence.

What Can A Professional Organizer Do For You

  • Create a More Productive and Less Stressful Living Environment
  • Create and Implement Simple Yet Effective Organizing Systems
  • Help Your Kids Learn the Importance of Staying Organized
  • Help Reduce or Eliminate Those Pesky Piles of Paper For Good
  • Work With You to Create an Organized Space That Suits YOU
  • Teach You the Secrets to Getting and Staying Organized
  • Much, Much More
  • Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • Initial Phone Consultation to Arrange In-Home Consultation
  • 30 Minute In-Home Consultation and Assessment – $75 Value
  • 2 Hours of Home or Home-Office Organizing Services – $150 Value
  • Personalized Action Plan to Help Keep You Organized – $40 Value
  • 30% Off Additional Scheduled Services
  • Testimonials

    Christa and her team of specialists did an amazing job on my home. They went through every room in the house and provided a lot of attention and detail in regards to throwing away items that were no longer needed, or wanted, organizing the kid’s rooms and providing insight in how to keep their rooms clean on a daily basis, organizing the garage and providing options for overhead storage bin space, and removing all the old items from the basement that were taking up usable space. I couldn’t have hired a better service to help me get my house and life put back together. I would highly recommend Cluttersort’s services to anyone needing help in getting their “space” back in order. ClutterSort’s knowledge in what they do really stood out, and no question or situation was left unanswered or unresolved. I couldn’t be happier about how the project turned out.

    Thanks ClutterSort!

    Wayne Gadberry, CEO, Viatech Consulting

    Christa Bledsoe from ClutterSort was great. she provided a two hour service and a 6 hour service package for home organizing. I used this time for my home office. She provided hands-on work support for the organizing – going through all the papers and sorting out what was to be kept, thrown, or shreded. She also offered suggestions for reorganizing my space and digitizing my current work load. Her services do include trash hauling and sercure paper shredding. She was very prompt and professional in her mannerism.

    Alires A.

    Christa did a great job in organizing my son’s toys which were scattered throughout the house as well as organize our downstairs closets. She was able to organize the toys so that it was still easy for my son to get to as well as put away. In the downstairs closet, Christa cleared everything out, threw away or donated what was no longer needed and reorganized everything to make better use of the space. She made it so much easier to access and find things in the closets.

    Joanna S.

    “With a new baby, my house reached new level of disorganization. I’m not the neatest person to begin with. I contacted Christa with Cluttersort as part of my New Years resolution to manage chaos (as best I can). My ClutterSort experience was incredible! Christa is incredibly personable and is an organizational samurai. She organized our kitchen, so it is now much more user friendly. I highly recommend Christa of ClutterSort for any of your organizational needs!

    Marisol L.

    “For over 6 months I’ve been thinking about having hiring someone to come in help me with my overwhelming clutter in my office space. Then I saw the living social ad for ClutterSort and I thought this is my answer. Christa came in and helped me get all of my stuff, my mom’s stuff (I take care of all her bills and paperwork, too) and my business stuff organized. She took all of my needs and life style into consideration to finally organize my space. In just one day we had everything sorted, labeled and organized. It was such a relief to have everything in order. I have so much more in my place to work on and I hope to have Christa back to help. Thank you Christa for giving me piece of mind.

    Tracy S.


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