“With a new baby, my house reached new level of disorganization. I’m not the neatest person to begin with. I contacted Christa with Cluttersort as part of my New Years resolution to manage chaos (as best I can). a My ClutterSort experience was incredible! Christa is incredibly personable and is an organizational samurai. She organized our kitchen, so it is now much more user friendly. I highly recommend Christa of ClutterSort for any of your organizational needs!” — Marisol L.

“Although I am an organized person, my individual jobs had begun to overwhelm me. I had lots of organized piles of paper, but no organized strategy to manage them. Christa came in with an open mind AND a plan. She created an organizing plan for me to better manage my projects and still have stylish home office. I would highly recommend Christa whether you need a little extra structure or need something built from scratch. A great investment for your peace of mind.” — Alires A.

“Christa and her team of specialists did an amazing job on my home. They went through every room in the house and provided a lot of attention and detail in regards to:
↦ Throwing away items that were no longer needed, or wanted
↦ Organized the kid’s rooms and providing insight in how to keep their rooms clean on a daily basis
↦ Organized closet space and provided options for future closet organization systems
↦ Organized the garage and provided options for overhead storage bin space
↦ Removed all the old items from the basement that were taking up usable space
↦ Organized kitchen space and found better, more accessible locations for pots, pans, utensils, etc.

I couldn’t have hired a better service to help me get my house and life put back together. I would highly recommend ClutterSort’s services to anyone needing help in getting their “space” back in order. ClutterSort’s knowledge in what they do really stood out, and no question or situation was left unanswered or unresolved. I couldn’t be happier how the project turned out. Thanks ClutterSort!” — Wayne Gadberry

This company is amazing! My husband jokes they are the magic elves! We initially used their services to de-clutter our home and we ended up calling Christa for both of our moves. I didn’t lift a finger and our whole home was set up and box free while we went on vacation. Incredible. Best marriage therapy on the planet. Thanks Again Christa couldn’t of done this with out your hard work and planning. – Trina Barr

My husband and I highly recommend Christa Bledsoe and her company, ClutterSort, for any professional de-cluttering and organizational needs. We recently finished a 2500 sq. ft. home project which included the de-cluttering and organization of the following areas: a full basement, a 2-car garage, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a loft, a laundry room, a kitchen, 5 closets, numerous cabinets, and a household filing system. We initially hired Christa because of her professionalism, passion for her business, respect and nonjudgmental approach that she showed for our initial chaotic situation, her willingness to work around our busy work schedules, and because she is a professional organizer through the National Association of Professionals Organizers.

As part of the project, Christa arranged the towing and sale of our car, organized large trash removals, arranged item donations, and shopped for additional supplies and containers needed for the project, passing along her professional organizer discount to us when possible. This saved a lot of time, money, and effort on our part. Now that the project is completed, we have appreciated the see-through storage containers as well as the professional labeling used on the storage containers to help us find and store household items. Now that our townhouse is de-cluttered, cleaned, and organized, we are looking forward to reestablishing a meaningful home for ourselves, and will more freely welcome guests into our home. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact ClutterSort sooner! – Ann Evans


ClutterSort just finished the 3rd project I hired them for and I am thrilled with the results. My garage looks amazing; they helped me organize and sort all of our gardening, camping and hardware and labeled everything in the built-ins I had installed. They also helped me finish my master closets complete with purses and shoes where they belong and really cute baskets for sweaters and tops. I love it! Kathie was on time and finished ahead of schedule. I will continue to use ClutterSort and everyone on Christa’s team for my organization projects, and recommend them highly! – Jill Fredricks

Christa is absolutely amazing! She completely transformed my two bedroom condo from a gigantic mess into an organized, beautiful home with very little help from me. I was so stressed, trying to move 1600 square feet of stuff into 900 square feet of space, and on a limited budget, and all while going through a divorce, trying to take care of my two kids and start a demanding new job.

Christa and her team came in and completely transformed our place and made it a home. It would have taken me a year to get my place unpacked and organized and Christa accomplished it in a couple of weeks!

She even found me adorable furniture (we needed to replace some pieces and were lacking some pieces) and took the old out and installed the new for me for no extra charge.

Christa also has really great creative ideas for storage and organization and all the labels they use are adorable. She even organized my storage unit and gave me a legend, so I can find everything, and offered to give me 6 hours in my office at work for free to help me get things more under control there.

I can’t say enough good things and Christa and I will continue to do projects as we have the time. I can’t recommend her enough. You won’t regret it! – Julie Remer of San Diego Law

Christa and Kathie did a fantastic job! They explained everything in a detailed way so my husband and I could understand what was going to happen the first few days. We loved there labels, storage recommendations, I cant imagine those reviews are real. There was 2 small changes through out are project.

Our marriage and house was in a bad state and they came and created a function environment and put our minds at ease. Would have a few recommendations for Kathie but over all out standing. I rarely leave reviews but felt everyone should get organized and ClutterSorts pictures, ideas , and solutions were the best i seen online. We still enjoy our home and will recommend. Thanks again. – Alissapatrick7888

The pre-implementation meeting clarified costs, needed supplies, timing and process to ensure there’d be no unwelcome surprises. Attacking a 20-year accumulation of chaos, ClutterSort extricated the junk from the tools and treasures in my garage. In less than a day, they hauled-off five loads for trash and donations. The result: shelved/labeled bins, pegboard-mounted tools, an easily accessed worktable, cobweb-less walls and a spotless concrete floor. I plan to re-hire them in January to de-clutter my office and storage room. Hooray! – Jackie K. Howard

Christa and her team from Clutter Sort have helped me organize and free up space on every floor in my house as well as the garage. I have a big house but it was being overwhelmed with things I have had forever but hadn’t given up. They helped me sort through what to keep, donate, sell and toss. We had to make a mess to get there, but order soon came from chaos. I could never have done it without them. I am a repeat customer!– JillFriederich2

Organized and cleaned my entire garage, laundry room and basement closets. I was very pleased with the job and would highly recommend this company to any of my friends or family members. – Flowerpower50
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